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How would life be without water?

Watching this video reminds me those days where our parents faced shortage of water supply. It was so inconvenient to live without water supply. Climate change in recent years has made water security more difficult and costly to achieve.
As compared to the countries like Brazil and India, where they are facing imminent water shortages, we are lucky still to be able to get water from our faucets. Currently, there are 1.6 billion people live in countries and regions with absolute water scarcity and this number is growing day by day.
Here's what usually I do to to save water. Try not to toss away the excess rice water, keep them in a lidded glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Once cooled, it will be a potent ingredient for crystal clear skin and super-shiny hair. Sometimes I use it for foot bath or face rinse too. My family's practice is to run the washing machine only on a full load; also collect the rinse water after washing the vegetables for flushing the toilet.

Apart of this, there are still many things we can do to save water such as:
- monitor your water bill / water consumption
- turn off taps tightly to make sure they do not drip
- do not leave the tap running when not in use
- install thimbles / water saving devices at tabs with high flow rate
- use water efficient labelled fittings
- check for leaks regularly
- by turning off all taps and checking the water meter
- in flushing cisterns, pipes,taps, etc and repair them immediately to prevent water wastage
  • shorten a shower by two minutes and save up to 568 558 litres a month.
    Assuming this is one shower per day, shorten 2 mins a day saves 18 litres, 30 / 31 days is between 540 – 558 litres per month.  
  • fix a leaky tap / pipe and save about 530 litres per week
  • don’t run water to rinse a razor and save up to 1,136 litres per month


Pop down to one of these places to catch PUB’s Water Conservation showroom on wheels. You will be able to get useful tips on how to save water as well as have your picture taken at our photobooth. You may even get a chance to catch PUB’s mascot, Water Wally!

 I believe everyone on earth has the responsibility on this,
so start playing our part to use water wisely.

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