Hello March

Hey loveliness, here comes my updates for March:

- I love my hair color so so much! Thanks again to Jeff @D'sire Hair for this special and unique color that makes me look absolutely stunning all the time! Read my hair review here.

- I spent most of my weekends recently in Malaysia with my family and friends. I love you all, I really DO!

- I've decided to go for a big changes end of this month and review will be up to my blog on April, stay tuned!

- I've embarked on my HLA journey. Yay! I'm now officially an agent for saving and investment plan.

- I want to clear my current wardrobe and I'm thinking to let go all my pre-loved attires very soon. Anyone willing to keep them?

- Am proudly announced as an adviser/consultant for my friend's business.

Thanks for reading it.


有個部落格 said...

Good plan for 2015!!

imchacha said...

Thanks 有個部落格 ~ ❤

SGRMSE. said...

LOVE your blog layout! So clean and simple. Very very nice. Easy on the eyes. (LOL! Rhymes)