Yume aesthetic Review : Botox + Fillers in SG

What if you can have your face touch up without surgery? Due to high rates of satisfaction and no down time, aesthetic injection treatments have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. Glad to have this opportunity to try on both Botox & Filler and the result is Amazing!

For ladies who doesn't want to have invasive surgery, Botox and Filler are definitely a good idea for a prettier and younger face. I feel so happy that I have my heart shaped V-Face after the injection suggested by Dr J. I'm not sure about the aesthetic treatment in Singapore at first as I feel the doctors here might have a different sense about "beautiful face". Afraid not, I done my Botox and Filler with Dr J and I'm super happy with my face now! 

Did I mention about no down time? I went to work on the next day and none of my colleague can tell what I did on my face until I told them. If you want some changes for your upcoming X'mas and New Year image, I think this is definitely the right timing to do a little trick to your face. Guess what? They are having a Promotion now! 

Read more for my Yume Aesthetic Revew:

 Korean girl always looks cute and young with their Heart Shaped V-Face
I feel so happy that I can achieve this today.

Pictures speak louder! 
Before & After

Let's have a look on my treatment procedure =) 
Thanks to Samuel Ng @pixioo for procedure's pictures ^^

Consultation with Dr J, voicing my concerns on my smile lines and I want my face slimmer 

Dr J examining my jaws

Dr J examining my chin and simulating how my chin will look like after fillers.

These are the procedures Dr J suggested:

1) Dysport V lift to lift the side of the face and cheeks
2) Chin fillers - to sharpen the chin and add a defined tip.
3) Nose fillers - to create a distinct nose bridge and nose tip.  Dr J shared that with a sharper midline of the face (nose and chin) the face will look even distinctly slimmer.
4) Fillers for the laugh lines - with the lines reduced I will look even younger and less chubby.

1) + 2) = 3) = a V shape slim face!

Ok time to start!   Notice my nose and chin as they are about to change!

Dr J started with marking my face

V lift performed on my right side

Right side done!

right side smile line fillers - contrary to how it looks, it feel relatively painless
Dr J is obviously a skilful doctor, he knows what he is doing
ps: he is super friendly too ^^

Next procedure is the V lift with dysport - this is even less painful than the muscle reduction!

V lift on the left side

preparation for smile fillers on the left 

markings on the nose for nose filling!

nose fillers done! look at my new nose! 
markings for jaw and chin fillers

chin fillers done

Can you notice the difference?

I feel so good as I can have nice selfie with Any angle ^^
( unlike previously I have to catch my best angle for slimmer face )

No regrets to have my Botox & Filler done with Dr. J!
Book an appointment with Dr J. if you wish to have a cuter & younger face too ^v^

By the way the clinic is now having a promotion for the procedures mentioned above:


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