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I have always imagined what it would be like to pamper my tired skin; and in the convenience of my home. We may not have enough time to spare to go for facials; and not enough money to enjoy it as each session will cost quite a bit of money. Fortunately, I have finally found the 1thing that delivers all that and more – Lumi-Oxy! We have all heard about the benefits and effectiveness of LED light technology. However, the Lumi-Oxy introduces the usage of BOTH LED Light therapy and Ozone Therapy. Isn’t that amazing?!

The Lumi-Oxy is a Revolutionary Personal Aesthetic Technology that combines Ozone Therapy and NASA’S LED Light Therapy to refine, renew and rejuvenate your skin. A first to combine both technologies into one device, the Lumi-Oxy tackles four major concerns many Asians encounter - Pores, Pimples, Pigmentation and Wrinkles.

The Lumi-Oxy purifies and renews skin by producing tiny amounts of germ-fighting ozone upon contact with the skin. In addition, red and blue LED light rays with subtle heat are absorbed by the skin, complementing the rejuvenating process.

This device does not only has the Blue and Red LED light therapy, it even has another wonderful innovation, Ozone Therapy. So what's so special about Ozone?

The Lumi-Oxy Ozone Therapy Function (O3) creates a high-energy electrical discharge that ionizes three oxygen atoms (O + O2 = O3) in the atmosphere, producing supercharged enriched oxygen called Ozone. Ozone sterilizes and purifies skin upon contact and can provide anodyne, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It can also effectively brighten and even out skin tone naturally over time, akin to many whitening products or lightening treatments.

There are many settings in the Lumi-oxy where you can choose to use :

1) Blue LED + Ozone
- targets pimples, acne & pores
- intensive yet gentle clearing up of bacteria which causes pimples & acne
- anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sterilises & purifies

2) Red LED + Ozone
- boost collagen & healthy skin. Eye bag reduction
- anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sterilises & purifies

3) Red and Blue LED + Ozone
- to have all benefits at once
- good for busy people like me
- perfect for daily skin-maintenance

4) Intermittent Flashing of Blue and Red LED (Without Ozone)
- targets eye area, reduce eye bags & dark circle

I use Ozone alone daily for three minutes with my hydrating essence. It helps provide anti-bacterial effects, easy absorption and it purifies my skin at the same time. You can choose to use Ozone on its own, but it is recommended to use the LED light therapies + Ozone Therapy together for best effects.

Who doesn't want to have all benefits at once? For a lazy girl like me, I use Blue+Red+Ozone for skin maintenance three times a week instead of going facial every 3 weeks which also save me a lot of money. I basically use it more on my uneven skin tone (Ozone Therapy) as well as my oily T-zone. Love it so much as it also helps to stimulate collagen (Red LED Light Therapy). As everyone knows that collagen is one of the key to keep us looking younger and elastic skin. I found it also works on balancing my skin pH and therefore it decreases the chances of breakout, acne, sensitive skin or clogged pores (Blue LED Light Therapy), which is Amazing!

I do not have any minor skin conditions such as pimples or wrinkle at the moment, thus I can use three treatments at once for skin maintenance. For those who are suffering from it should avoid Red LED light. 

Oh, did I mentioned about a trick it can do for our hair scalp?
I want to give it two thumbs up as it can also be used on our hair scalp, especially for oily and sensitive hair scalp baby like me! I'm a girl who don't usually switch hair shampoo as I will get dandruff easily if its formula is too rich or just simply don't suit me. Thanks to Lumi-Oxy as it helps a lot in building a healthier hair scalp for me, and now I feel so great as I do not have oily hair scalp after I used it.   =D


Look at this! My first try with Lumi-Oxy's Red LED Light and Ozone Treatment and I found my saggy skin is toned up and my face look smaller too! An Incredible result in five minutes and I swear I'm going to use it daily to combat gravity, and for a tighter and more V-Shape face. For those who are not a fan of invasive surgery, I will strongly recommend Lumi-Oxy for face shaping purposes as it can also help you to maintain youthful skin, what's not to love?! 

The Lumi-Oxy could be your perfect Christmas gift this season! 
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