Look at me!

I'm looking at you! Haha.
Had fun taking photos around Chinatown today. I love the blue wall right opposite my office, which is super cool. I'm getting more and more hardworking recently for photo shooting - something that I love from the start.

I also become super active in Instagram @charlene22 recently, just in case if you are not following me yet. Appreciate those who are following me and that's the reason why I have over 12k followers now! Thanks!! I'm gonna host a giveaway soon on my Instagram, stay tuned! I'm seriously addicted to Instagram these days and I can find myself checking Instagram every five to ten minutes for stunning photos. This is definitely a good platform for us to discover great photos around the world.

Thanks everyone who happen to read this post, that means you are giving me your support too!
❤   xoxo  ❤


Unknown said...

you are a super star, shining on us everyday ><

imchacha said...

Thanks Kwong Wing hehehehe XD
Still a long long way to go~ ^^thx for your comment ^^