Monthly update

June is obviously my month. I wanted to plan a short trip to relax myself, as you know traveling is the only thing that keep me going although doing the same thing everyday. I admit that people get boring when time goes by, I'm boring too but I appreciate what I have now and I've created a plan to achieve my dream life... >v<

But first, let me take a selfie.
She is Kukhee, the prettiest korean lady in my company haha

I love white, I just LOVE to be in white dresses...
princess wannabe, as always haha

sometimes I'm in pink too haha,
guess where am i..

spotted this cute rainbow cap
a little pricey and I didn't get it

Love to read before I sleep

This is my current skincare regime.
Hands up if you want a post about my skin care routine ^^

Look at this! My cute little clownfishes..
got a pair in black..
so happy that my fishes finally survived! I really hope that they can grow bigger and fatter

Went to Book Cafe with Sam Thong and Yan..
Their lychee smoothie and cheese burger are Awesome!

Never let go any chances for my selfie time..
even in the bus woohoo~

I think I'm lucky that my company's cafe is selling waffle for tea break

Who is this?
LOL obviously someone who love white outfit haha

Went to the hospital with my mum, her last chemo done and cost $9k +
T_T .... I hope I can work harder and earn more money so I can keep my mum from suffering

When there is hope, there is possibility
Please bring me luck, my lucky clover

I went to gym recently during my lunch time
I love the feeling after sweating
Obviously, I want a better body shape haha

My assistant want me to start drawing,
and this is the first thing came out from my mind.. lol

Bought a tub of Royal Jelly and love it to the max!
Recommended by my landlady and I got mine at GNC.
I have birthday month discount yeah yeah and the taste is fantastic!

My friend bought this huge bear bear for his girlfriend..
good to hug but not good to keep =.=

Hey ~ Friday yet?

Oh! Look at this sweet lady!
Su dan,is one of my sweet sister and she got proposed from her bf!
Woohoo, happy for them!

Look at the two little fur balls haha, so cute..

did my hair colour and hair treatment @ D'sire Hair

Took a selfie in the airport
before flying to KL

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