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Our looks are heavily dependant upon our hair, and so I went for my hair do over the weekend at D'sire Hair @Far East Plaza. I did my hair colour, hair cut and hair treatment with Jeff, a shy but super knowledgeable senior hair stylist in D'sire Hair. This post is all about my experience and review on their services.

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Just like a gem, D'sire Hair is located at a secret corner in Far East Plaza. I've asked the direction from the concierge counter to approach D'sire on my first visit. The store is not fancy big but what I care the most is their skills. It's pointless if a hair saloon is well decorated but they can't satisfied the customer's need.

The hair stylists were patient even the store was full with customers. They place strong emphasis in customer's satisfaction, communicating with an aim to understand and so, naturally deliver on what we want.

My dry and messy hair before the hair do

I've spent almost 20minutes to discuss the colour that I want with Jeff. He shared his opinion and experience patiently with me. 

After hair colouring, I have my hair treatment done with Hoyu Eternique G System Care. This is a unique system from Japan that utilises the concept of "Layer-in treatment " , an effective protection system against water damage. It provides both inner-care and texture treatment to achieve a beautiful and unified result. It repairs and locks the nutrients inside the strand from root to tip. Eternique G contains Safflower oils which moisturises our hair.

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Jeff also applied Biosys Hair tonic on my hair scalp and followed by scalp massage. I like the minty feeling and feel refreshing after the application. I've found how hair tonic is important to us as only healthy scalp grows healthy hair. Just like how we take daily supplement to keep our body in a good condition. Guess what?! I've bought myself this hair tonic at $36 ! Super worth for a try as usual hair tonic always cost over $80.

I love my bouncy hair after the treatment and this hair colour looks super healthy on me! Thanks to Jeff who made me a curly hair look without a hair curler.

I have given a set of hair shampoo and hair conditioner by SCREEN. Thanks for the sponsorship as I really love natural and organic's personal care especially those without Paraben, a preservative that caused cancer most of the time. 

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My hair stylist of the day - Jeff

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D'sire Hair

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