Monthly update

I don't know how many times I said "Time Flies" and I have felt that all the time. I was busy looking for room, busy for my iQ5 fish tank, busy playing dota2, blogging and taking selfies haha. Sometimes we have been told to do something important instead of wasting our time, But what I feel is actually maintaining a balance. You should not waste your time, but you should have enough resting time to do something that you like and make yourself happy. Life is easy, all of us heading for a same goal, a better and happier life.

my bangs getting longer after the hair cut in Korea

Silly faces when I'm heading to work

do not envy on my casual wear haha, yes I wear like this for work

I feel so cold when I stay in the office till 9pm

The hope of light

cute little red car on the road while I'm on my way to Pasir ris farm

my healing place
gonna move soon

Mmmmm~ home cook dishes ^^
I feel love

Finished my 14 days teatox and starting the second pack now

My table garden. Feel fresh every time when I look at it
wanna get myself more and more plants ^^

Feel blessed that Laduree macaroons came to me just on the Right Time!

Woohoo~! How lovely Amanda is as she always get me snacks from Japan!
I love tokyo banana

Thanks to Yixian & Nataly for this signature album by Elaine
My very first birthday gift

Attended two events recently
Food tasting @ conrad x nuffnang lovin


Haba non additive skin cares from Japan

Dota2 at night in cc makes me feel like the time I had in KL last time

love this quality cardigan from The Stagewalk.
Thumbs up for their clothes^^

Thanks Carol who helped me get a new Pandora charm from Paris ^^
and some little small gifts

I like to see the greenish leaves..
It represent life and reborn

Easter but non of the egg is design by me T_T

Took part in the campaign by Eco After Me
Start to prank your friends today^^

It was Earth day yesterday! I feel so happy that my company
had a beer bash event and giving this Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle for everyone of us
A water bottle that cost $49 and comes with lifetime warranty lol

Love to get a coffee break in my company's cafe

Yes, I'm the bigger size one..

What lady usually do in the washroom haha

waiting for my waffle in the cafe

took a lot of selfies as I love this top so much
Bought it from Korea

Never go wrong with denim ^^

Spotted the watch? It is the Daniel wellington watch
I lend it from Ronald for this picture.. Should I get one for myself?

I love white tops.. gonna donate half of my wardrobe away
majority go with white haha

I like tea nowadays

Always make myself happy with comfy outfits ^^

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