A Blessed Day

I went to the hospital with my mum in the morning for her third chemotherapy before I headed down to work today. I felt gloomy as my mum is sick and no certain answer yet whether she will recover and escape from illness that makes her suffer. At that point of time, I got a few private message from my friends and followers which totally changed my mood and made my day a better one.

First of all, One of my friend texted me and asked about Japan's itinerary. As I posted the Sakura photo on my Facebook page few days ago saying that I wish to go to Japan too but money is one of my concern now and obviously I'm not able to make it due to this reason. This friend is sweet enough to offer me a round trip air ticket to Japan as my Birthday gift. I feel extremely happy because only true friend sincerely try their best to make you happy, if they can do it. We should ask nothing back if we treat someone with our heart.

Secondly, I got a message from one of my sponsor asking if I want to join her to Sentosa wave house as she really enjoy there. She is a super friendly Japanese girl, I can feel how lovely she is even haven't meet her yet. She even wanted to treat me for the entry pass for Sentosa Wave house. I feel blessed as she doesn't even know my situation. And of course, I told her that I will take care of the dinner bill haha.

Surprisingly I met a few pretty and energetic nurses while my mum doing her chemo today. One of the pretty nurse came and asked me : "hey, your skin condition is so good, what skin cares are you using now? " I feel shy as I almost wanted to tell my mum the nurses here are so pretty at the same time haha. I directed the cute nurses to my blog and yeah, new follower new "stalkers" haha. Hopefully ^^

Then a few private messages from my followers with positive synergy and funny pictures sent to my Facebook inbox that really make me feel happy. It makes me feel that someone care my feelings even they never meet me before. How lucky I am? This is also one of the important thing that makes me feel satisfied to be a blogger too. ^^

When I reached office in the afternoon, the bubble tea approached our team and feel glad that my manager and my team mate never forget about me as I was away in the morning. Usually people just order yours if you are there, but luckily I got it haha. A little thing that put a smile on my face. Besides of this, some of my colleague do concern and helping in looking a room for me as everyone know I'm gonna move soon.

Appreciate those who treat me with your heart, I'm more than just Thank you.


ChinYee said...

Nice blog you have Charlene:) yeah... u have perfectly nice skin.. keep it up ;)

*stalker missy* lol ;)

ChinYee said...
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im Charlene said...

Thanks ChinYee, Haha I will see u again!

Mia said...
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Germain Mia said...

Hello Charlene...just chanced upon your blog while doing up my Seoul itinerary. Just hope to cheer you up. I feel you, my mum had cancer too and she has recovered from it after chemo, just have to go back for check-ups. So don't lose hope! :)

im Charlene said...

Mia: Thanks for your comment ^^
Everytime when I get a comment I feel blessed and happy as I know it took your precious time for that. And I truly cheered up by u and I will never lost hope because you girls are here, with me ^^
I will keep on writing and hope to share more and more