Intense Scalp Therapy - Vintage Studio @Westgate

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Vintage Studio launched their 4th outlet at the new shopping mall - Westgate. The mall is conveniently located right after the MRT exit. I love this new shopping mall for it's eco friendly design and it linked to JAMS shopping mall, a great place for shopping without crowd. 

I went there for my Intense Scalp treatment two months ago and I miss it already. I was so enjoyed for the scalp massage when they doing the treatment. They specially used a cooling shampoo for my scalp cleansing too, Love the minty feeling so much! No more dry and oily scalp which caused dandruff for me after the scalp treatment. This is good for us to maintain our healthy scalp and avoid from hair loss and dandruff issues.

Vintage Studio @ Westgate

Before the treatment start...

 They helped me clean the scalp with a stabiliser and applied the purity mix on it.
Then followed by steamer hat.

Da-dang, I love the way they blowed my hair and I have my natural curls without curler.

I can't wait for my next visit and I would like to have the scalp treatment again >v<

Quote " Charlene " and enjoy 20% OFF for all hair service !!


Tenshi Chn said...

Your hair getting nice day by day ^^

imchacha said...

Haha thanks Tenshi!