Korea Ski Tour : a journey from Seoul to Yongpyong Ski Resort

I'm glad to celebrate my 1st of January 2014 in Seoul. I always go for a last minute trip if you know me haha. As usual, I've bought my return air ticket from Cathay Pacific five days before my trip starts at $720sgd. Consider a good price as I travelled at a peak season and bought it at the last minute.

Korea, known as a country with the lowest price for ski and snowboarding. So happened to join my friends to Yong Pyong Ski Resort during my trip. I'm glad to introduce you the local tour guide, Junn, for this two day one night ski package.

Contact Junn for Ski resort packages & quotes:
( Quote "I'm Charlene's friend and enjoy lowest price for the tour package" )

Got my Rich mocha choco from lotte mini mart in the morning
taste good ~ I wonder we don't have any similar drink in SG >.<

Reached Sports Complex station for the direct bus to Yong Pyong Ski Resort

You just need to get out from Exit 2 and you will see the purple bus beside the road

Da-dang ~ selfie time while waiting the bus to depart

This is the bus that took us to Yong Pyong
( purple bus )

It took us about three hours to reach

Love the scene

The ski resort is kind of tatami
mattress on the floor for sleep at night
The resort is clean and tidy, able to fit up to 6 persons

The view outside the room

Super hungry and we went for Obadang Chicken located on first floor.
Super yummy especially their fried chicken!

Guess how many layers I was wearing haha!
then we went for our outfits and equipments 

Snow boarding at night

super cold as you can see it from my face
goggles, mask and winter hat preferred to keep you warm if you are ready to come

Walked through this lovely paths

What to do at night?
It was our Party time!

home cook korean pancake

some snacks...
Love the chocolate star so much!

and they ordered chicken delivery lol

the corn mahgoli on the right is super good!
First tried and love it!

Traditional beer for the guys...

Super fun and unforgettable night

the next day ...

Start my day with Cheese ramen, which I like the most haha

Day view is super good

Saw this scene when I fall down..
Stunning !

Love to lye on the snow
Feel so good

time to leave..
purple bus again

Miss you guys ~
take care and happy always!

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