(Seoul) HongDae / Hongik University ~ Shop till you drop!

Hongik University aka HongDae is a private university located in Seoul and it is best known for its faculty of Fine Arts, arguably the most famed school of Fine Arts and Design in the country, having numerous acclaimed alumni in the field. Many students gathered in HonDae area before and after the classes, therefore you'll see a lot shops and street markets along the street here.

I was so happy to shop quality outfits with reasonable price, or I should say very cheap as this is a place for teenagers and students. I got my leather skater skirt at 8000 won and some knitted long sleeves top at less than 20k won. Obviously, it's a shopping heaven for me!

How to go Hongdae / Hongik University:
Sangsu Station on Line 6
Hongik University Station on Line 2 of the Metropolitan Subway

Yeah, wore on my Jacket and ready to go ~

Cooling morning with fresh air 

I took a cab from my hotel from Yeoksam to Hondae in the afternoon as I was too hungry
Cab fare cost around 13k won. Subway is cheaper and easy to access too.

Beautiful scene in the cab

ja-jjang ~ one of the nice Ja-Jiang Mian in Hongdae

Satisfied with a big bowl of ja-jjang noodle.
I can't finish it =.=

Then I found a convenient store called "Mini Stop",
They're selling super yummy fried chicken omg! Must try !!

Really delicious! It's spicy and super juicy!

Nice background for some photos in Hong dae as
they have some wall painting blocks along the street by the art students

I was so exciting with the lights at night

People gathered here as some students were performing

I started to shop and I bought five tops and two skirts here,
all of them Made in Korea and their price is in between 8000 won to 20k won

show off time:
The tops that I bought from Hongdae.

Street food that I craving for

Yummy!  >v<

A lot of students here

Some restaurants along the street too
I'm pretty sure you wont get starved in Seoul haha

One of the must try street food!  
Medium cook egg with bun!

I saw this well established coffee store x pub lounge along the street,
and decided to get myself a hot coffee to warm up my body
as the night is getting too cold

A smart guy attempt to me for my green tea latte,
I think he didn't hear me clearly and I ended up with a normal coffee latte
too bitter for me, I prefer something sweet though

Then I saw this little stall on the street and I've tried their chicken popcorn
You can choose any sauce you like to go with it

I have then went to Garosugil to meet my friends
Saw MCM but the shop closed as after business hour

Thanks to the friendly staff in Hollister , 
he offered and helped me to capture this picture although the shop is closing

awww~ I found my wings finally ^^

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