PS Cafe @ Dempsey Hill : A cosy place for a sweet gathering like this

Found these photos from my iMac and I know you guys gonna kill me as this happened sometimes around May last year. We went for Jason's birthday celebration at P.S. Cafe, Dempsey Hill. A Place that I love to go everyday but the fact is, it is hard to access without a private transport. You may get into this place by cab but the problem will come to you by the time you plan to go back home.

I found myself super enjoyed in this place and this is also my very first time visited to Dempsey Hill. Oh ya, I'm that kind of girl who loves to stay at home besides of office hours. But now, I miss it already, gathering, food and wine please! Anyone ? haha

There are a lot of nice restaurants located at Dempsey Hill, 
depends on what kind of occasion andcuisine that you prefer.

champagne !!
Aww I miss it badly ~

Sweet ladies...

Some grassssss... ermm, salads ... lol

Love their truffle fries, crispy !
Good to go with wines ~~~

Special guests of that day,
Cathy and Joven

Did we drink a lot ? lol
Tracen, is the one with red face!

Some desserts after our food to complete the meal.

This is really nice...

Jeannie and I

Jeannie and the birthday boy, Jason

PS.Cafe at Harding Rd.
28b Harding Rd. Singapore. 
Office T: (+65) 6479 3343


Threshold Of An Era said...

let's go again!!! Find ppl go lor. 想做就做。

imchacha said...

haha yes!! agree ~~~