One more week to end November

Times flying. I have no idea what I did this year but one thing I'm pretty sure that never change in my mind and that is my personal aim. Always want to earn more money and get a place belongs to me.

What is happening recently ?
First, I have a new cafe in my office that selling gelato, fruit juice, coffee, pastries and cakes. I've been waiting for so long to have a fruit smoothie with a slice of cheesecakes during tea break..

Finally I got my new iPhone!
Switched to iPhone 5s gold woohoo!
Really love it. Battery last longer and the speed is faster than my previous 4s.

Selfie during break time

Met the sweeties for a project

a small gathering with my previous manager on Saturday night

I love chewy junior..
They do not have their signature mango cheese recently

Hannah and I 
Met her during nuffnang event @ Bartini

Michelle and I
Met this sweetie during nuffnang event @ Bartini

Bartini Kitchen's Cocktail Director, Barnaby Murdoch

I love this comfy top, my sis bought it from H&M
wanna get one for myself too

Finally i tried this Thai steamboat at Golden mile
Tasty ! Wanna come again someday

Ice cream time during Ronald's birthday!

I'm always with white outfits..

Dinner time
love their Lor mee

Hair do @ Vintage studio
New colour yeah yeah~

Ready for Desmond's wedding dinner..

lady in black !

A rainy day with Thai food
I think I really love Thai & Japanese food

Selfie during lunch time

My moments ~ Pandora!
I want to restructure it..

Wanted to get this unicorn but it is out of stock >.<''

Thanks Wilson for the dinner!
You are one of my best friend who really listen to me and sincere to me

I think I have healthier skin as I go to gym recently

Breakfast with Love! The wrap is truly amazed me!
Feel good to stay with family


Love the top so much
But I don't have the right skirt to match with it

Met my sweet Tammy finally
Love to share my thoughts with her as we are a kind of lady haha

I think I live for good food!

I really fall for the Royal Pudding from PB ~
I wish I can eat it daily but it is too pricy T_T

Christmas is around the corner!
It's time for shopping !

Never draw since long time ago..

on my way walking to office..
sometimes you just need to have some times to think alone
Everything is gonna be alright..

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