( The TuckShop ) Super Casual Team outing with variety of Beers in this cosy bar

Credit to my boss, Daniel, who brough his ultimate camera for these stunning photos

Thanks to our boss Daniel who brought us here for our team outing last Friday. We truly enjoyed the food, beers and atmosphere at The TuckShop. 

I found that this a great place to chill out with friends after work as they provided good food and value drink price although the food range is a bit limited but overall the quality is fine. Staffs are friendly and helpful. The boss is generous and approachable too as he treasure every customer by fulfilling what the customers need. We had a good time with their variety of refreshing beers with games. 

I will definitely recommend this place as I found myself becoming a regular in this neighborhood bar and most important thing is, they are located somewhere around east instead of the town, this attracting person like me who doesn't like the crowd.

The atmosphere and store's design is great and cosy

Variety of beers that you can choose from

I tried their Summer Ale and I love it

It will be a credit point if they serve main course too
But overall of the food quality was good and unique

Woohooo~ I love this...

The cute and friendly staffs in The TuckShop
Picture from TheTuckShop FB

These are my cute team members
Nice outing with you guys

How to get there?
403 Guillemard Road, Singapore, 399795.

8511 8102


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Be Kind PH said...

I live in a condo right beside Tuckshop but I havent tried hanging out in that place.

Maybe I should really visit one of these days. :p

imchacha said...

Yeah you should.
Get few of your bestie and enjoy there together^^

Shu Han said...

Been hearing SOOOOO MUCH about Tuckshop from all my friends back in sg. I can't wait to check it out when I'm back. Some great vibes it seems. Awesome! Lucky you and your team :)

imchacha said...

Shu Han: thanks for coming^^ you will never regret to visit them^^
All the best and see u soon in SG