Mighty Cirque Du Fair ~ Apple Event @ East Coast Park

First to iMovie..  super easy ~

This is the best event ever! Every aspect of it was perfectly managed - food, games, prizes. I'd woken up late that day and hung around in my bed for too long, and missed out quite a fair bit, something I slightly regret till this day. It was so warm and humid, especially without sunblock, that I felt like a melting ice cream in the heat. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and had a lot of fun!

The booths look like Hershey's chocolate 

This is a fun game !
Hit the ball to the middle of the circle and the guy will drop into the water tank 
and.. Get Wet!!

I love white ..

My Awesome Trainer , Gus

Keave and his  Fair lady , Donut 

Should I get a puppy ?

I love this game but unfortunately I only get a mini prize,
a lollipop...
I want Apple Backpack please ~~~!

I hope they have more event like this in the near future for me 


Chibilaria said...

I like your colourful photos !!!
It seems a funny event ^-^
Have a nice weekend ~
Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

imchacha said...

Hey Chibi:

Thanks for your comment!
Appreciate that and wish u all the best ^^