(Sponsored- Hair Profile @ Orchard) It's time to change ~ New Hair colour & Haircut

Our looks are heavily dependant upon our hair, and so I'm really glad to receive this generous sponsorship by Hair Profile @ Orchard! This post is all about sharing my experience and review on their services. I did my hair colour and haircut with Kenji , the director who has been in this business for 18 years. Please ask for Kenji, who is the director over at Hair Profile, and he'll only charge for art director's rates for hair cut services.

Quote "chacha" and get 10% discount

Let's talk about customer service, which is a top focal point here at Hair Profile @ Orchard. They place strong emphasis on customers' satisfaction, communicating with an aim to understand and so, naturally deliver on what we want. I'm very satisfied on this note and this is definitely a point I raise when making recommendations.

I'm loving my new hair style by Kenji, giving me a more sunshine look. ^^

Kenji is friendly, polite and patient.
He listens to what I want and understands my need.

I showed my idol's picture and told him that : 
" I want this colour but not too red please.. "

and she is ...
Yoona !

Dark coloured hair seem to make my face look yellowish

Kenji suggested a cut to give volume to my otherwise flat-looking hair

Look at this.. Long and flat ..

I like the style, looking more natural now and with more volume 

Kenji preparing the hair dyeCM10 colormix by Napura
which helps protect the scalp during the dyeing process  

Obviously the Before and After me~

My hair looks healthy after wash and blow
Love the curl he did for me 

Look at this! Napura shampoo for my dandruff.
Specially balanced pH to match my hair & scalp's.
I'll try this out for two weeks and share my thoughts.

Dang Dang!
Totally satisfied with my hair style by Kenji

Quote "chacha" and get 10% discount
How to get there?

Hair Profile

Make your appointment at : 
68381811  or  67377617

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Hair Profile's Price List

How to get there?

Hair Profile

Make your appointment at : 
68381811  or  67377617
Quote "chacha" and get 10% discount

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