Give away a Blythe doll and something more..

It's been awhile I seldom bring my Blythe out for a photo shooting. I feel so guilty for all my girls and I believe there are a lot of people love them more than me.

I decided to give away one of my Blythe doll since long time ago. Some people may curious about which Blythe I'm giving away but I will keep this as a secret until the winner is out. Believe me, you will love it no matter which girl I send out to you ^^

You may join this give away lucky draw as long as you love Blythe ^^

There are also some goodies bags which comes with accessories,outfits or wigs for two participants.

So, are you ready??

How to take part in the Lucky Draw?

1) Like my page at :

2) Follow my instagram at :

3) Follow my blog by joining this site:
( you can find this on the left side-bar on this blog )
4) Leave a comment here by quoting your facebook and instagram's ID.

Contest is end on 30 August 2013.
Winner will be announced by 31 August 2013.

Winner :  Kimberly from Milan
Please send me your mailing address by end of September.


Hazel said...

Hi ChaCha, here are Hazel for applying your Lucky Draw, hooo~
FBid is hazellyl and Instagram Id is hazellee~
Wish me luck XD

Kimberly said...

Hi! I'm Kimberly Munn on Facebook and kimberfli on instagram! Such a generous giveaway!:)

imchacha said...

Wow! you girls in the contest!!

Mrs. Ichiban said...

Hello ChaCha!
I'm Videl and nice to meet you! :)
I'm "Videl Ichiban" on Facebook and "Videlism" on Instagram.
Thank you for hosting such an awesome Giveaway! :D

Maribel said...

Hi! I'm Maribel Diaz on Facebook and voo_doolady on Instagram. What a sweet giveaway! :D

Amycarney said...

this is a beautiful idea thank you
i am Amy carney on Facebook
and alc_angels on instagram
thank you again for your lovely idea

Valee Anne said...

Wow - that's so incredibly generous of you - and nice to meet another Singapore Blythe lover - YAAAAAY ^_^*

FB: Valerie Anne
IG: Valee_Anee

Unknown said...

Hi Cha, love your blog! And like you I also love blythes <3 they're just adorable!
My facebook name is Maria An and sugarpumpkinboo on instagram, I really hope to win your girl <3

imchacha said...

yeah, i hope u girls enjoy this contest ~^^

Anonymous said...

I follow you on facebook as Hadaly Rodriguez.
On blog as HaDa.
And on instagram as haduxy.
And real name: Ana Inmaculada Navarro Rodriguez
I really LOVE this giveaway, you made my day! I don't have money to buy a real Blythe so it would be a nice birthday present to win the giveaway. Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

hi!7i'm Elisabet Conesa de la Rosa in facebook and eliconesa in Instagram

芯柔 said...

Hey ChaCha ,my FB is ShinRu and Instagram is shinru337 ~ wish me luck ya ❤

imchacha said...

good luck girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hihi :)

What a sweet thing to do ! And thanks for the chance.

I'm April Puchala on FaceBook and sugarballoon on Instagram :)

Unknown said...

How sweet of you to give away such a generous gift!!
I'm Diana Douglas Owens on FB and dlo2006 on IG

Thank you!!!

filipa said...

perfect giveaway! thank you for the opportunity.
I am Pipa Valente on Facebook
I don't have Instagram though.
Best of luck to all!

Unknown said...

Hi! Cha Cha. Thanks for THE giveaway.
My name is Sansuda, My FB Id is sansudapong.
And My IG Id is sansuda.
Wish me luck!

Marce said...
that is my facebook(marcela roxana)
i dont have instagram but im following your blog and facebook!
thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

Eriol Loh said...

Facebook:Eriol Loh

Rapo77 said...

I would love to win to make an awesome present to my girlfriend, she will love it!
FB: David Reyes Camacho
Blog: rapo77
Instagram: Rapo7
Bye! =)

Cristina said...

Hi ChaCha you are really generous!

FB: Cristina Vai (
IG Id: cristinayya

Thank you for the chance!

HC said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity.
I am Heather Elfie Pixie Cant on facebook -, sadly I don't have instagram, but have followed on facebook and your blog.

Good luck everyone :D

STJO said...

Hi there, I would love to participate in the lucky draw. My facebook name is Sandy Tan and instagram is ilovepooches025

Thank you!

atattooed said...

What great fun! Share the dolly love. :)

FB: Tiffany Saloum
IG: atattooed


Juno Strawberry said...

What a lovely idea! 😘✨💕🌸 I am Junowonderfrog on Instagram and Juno Cardinal od Facebook

Xoxo 😘✨💕🌸💕🌸

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's such a nice thing to do!
I'm Peggy De Meue on Fb and madtwinsis on IG

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's such a nice thing to do!
I'm Peggy De Meue on Fb and madtwinsis on IG

Bella said...

You're very sweet and kind for doing this!

I'm already following you here and on Facebook, my Facebook profile is:

I don't have Instagram :'(

Thanks for this giveaway!! I hope I get lucky!!

Giulia said...
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crimsonbrush said...


I don't have Instagram either, but I'm following your blog under Karen Smith, and on Facebook I'm Karen Hurd! ^-^

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the chance to enter. I liked your FB page and am following your blog. FB:

Unknown said...

I am new to all this so hope this works. Thanks for the contest and chance! I am "Bratz seller" On facebook and instagram is "bratz seller" as well to make it easy. Thank you! Good luck to everyone! Will wish on a star for August Bday gift! :D

Makoto Mania said...

This is so beautiful, my instagram is makoto_mania, and cora.ariza.sp in facebook, and my fan page is makodolls, you will be very welcomed there :) hugs xoxo

OneCraftySAHM said...

Hi there! I'm Jeanie Kassay on fb and OneCraftySAHM on instagram! What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you ♥

geraldine_angel said...

Hello there! good to find another blythe lover in this sunny island.

FB: geraldine.angel
IG: Geraldine_Angel

.:Angelique:. said...

Hi Chacha!!! I'm "Gabriela Liz Fioriti" on facebook and "angelique137" in instagram. Love to take part in this giveaway to take in a new doll to my group!! Besides Saturday is my birthday so this is my lucky month!! hahahaha

Pedro Fanti said...

I don't have instagram either. =/ but I follow your blog in reader, but now I added to blog followers as well.


this is really awesome and my finger are crossed! I'm very unlucky though.. hahah

Melli said...

I'm following on instagram under "melliburger" and liked on facebook under "Melissa Burger" and also followed the blog under "melli burger"
What a great contest!

Unknown said...

That's awesome!

My facebook:
Instagram id: gc_andrade

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this great competition. I would love to enter. Here is my fb :

Vix said...

Hi :)

FB: vika.korosec
Instagram: aerothoughts :)

chobit-hime said...

facebook: tatiana choo


Unknown said...

hi chacha, what a supersweet idea of you! my facebook is

I dont have Instagram.. Good Luck everybody!!

xo Irene

fiorellaione said...

I don't have IG but I'm now following on FB: fiorellaione.


Unknown said...

Hello!! <3 I'm Audrey Stufflebeam on FB and AudFae on Instagram
What a wonderful contest :)

ZombiesAteYou said...

Hi, I'm on Facebook and on Instagram :)

Issie Kay said...

Hello! Thanks for organising this amazing contest giveaway!
My FB ID is:
And my Instagram ID is: x3alyyykay

Love and Peace! :)

kookanoid said...

Hello!! I'm Kookanoid on Instagram and Chris Harrington Noid on FB. Very generous give away. Thank you! I look forward to seeing more of you around our social sites. :)

Unknown said...

Hi ChaCha! :)
I don't have IG but on FB: DavidWarrenCobb

Egregia Geneviève said...

Hello!!! i'm Martha or Egregia on Facebook! I love blythe and I really want to one!!! loooooooveee itt!!! :3

Unknown said...

I am b.E chan in facebook

Unknown said...

Thank you anyways
No matter i got it or not
Have a nice day

entre guirnaldas y alfabetos rusos y vampiros said...

hello !
i dont have instagram but already following your blog and fb page :)

>my fb:

malkama said...

This is incredible, I so wish I could win, I don't have instagram, but on FB I saw you wrote, that it's ok. On facebook I am Katarzyna Piotrowicz-Makuła and malkama (as a site). Thank you so much for this opportunity. My dolls would love a new sister :D

Deborah said...

you're so cute, and generous to be giving a doll away. i'm deborah jean cohen on facebook, and Deborah here...following your blog via google.

Jessica said...

Awesome giveaway!

Facebook - Jessica Black
Instagram - jess4276
Google Friend Connect - Jessica Black

Thank you!!!

lia ayu said...

Hallo chacha....nice to meet you..^^

Fb: Lia Angela
Instagram: baby0120

Thank you...!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi, I would very much like to enter :) I'm Sheila amigurumi on facebook xxx

Jewel said...

Wow that's fab give away!! My FB is Jewel Fisher. I don't have instagram. Hope I am the lucky one!!

Unknown said...

I'm jair what sweet of you ^.^

Unknown said...

I'm jair what sweet of you ^.^

Unknown said...

I'm jair what sweet of you ^.^

Unknown said...

I'm jair what sweet of you ^.^

Mel-chan said...

Hi there!!! What an amazing give away!!! Thnak you!!!!

I follow you as Maria Isabel Reguera (Mel-chan)
My facebook name is Isabel Reguera
My instagram account is melreguera

And that's it. Best regards from Spain :D

Sybil said...


I'm sibelyn.kisilewicz on facebook
I'm sybil _sybil_ on blog
I'm sybilsy on instagram

thank you so much for such a generous giveaway!!!

Nelae said...
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Nelae said...

Hello ChaCha, such a lovely thing this giveaway!


Elena Rambaldi on facebook
Emilyluna on Instagram

Your blog is pretty... and I'm from Bologna.. I've seen you passed here in your travel :)

Joanna Anastasia Rosalin said...

hi cha2...

my facebook:

sadly I don't have instagram, but have followed on facebook and your blog.

thanks so much for this opportunity.:D

Unknown said...

Hi ChaCha, its great to meet another Singapore Blythe lover ^_^.

I'm Pal Rina from facebook.

VerdeBlue said...

Hi Charlene :)
This is wonderful, thank you!
I don't have Instagram account and my facebook is also VerdeBlue.
Best wishes to all, XoXo,

Miss Sara said...

Hi Chacha! Interesting giveaway you have here. I think i will give it a try.
I am Sara Colaço at facebook:

HaleyGuilfoile said...

Hi Charlene! I am Haley Guilfoile on FB and comedrawwithme on instagram. I couldnt follow you on here, do you know why? I cant figure it out. anyways, this is super sweet of you! good luck to everyone ^___^

WvS said...

Oh would love a blythe! Only have one clone yet which I love to pieces.
My Facebook is Wilma van Strijp.

GulloftheSea said...

Hello! Thank you so much for your generous giveaway! I'm having trouble convincing my button to let me follow you :( I did like you on FB and am following you on IG though!
FB: Jennifer Justman
Instagram: SoulsFireDesigns

My Life Under the Bus said...

I am not on instagram : ( . But I am on FB as Patricia Gasparino and mylifeunderthebus! Thanks You for the opportunity!

Jo Moxie said...

Hello you NOT chubby girl! :)

I am Jo Moxie Doll Customizer on Facebook. I used to be Mizz Moxie on Instagram but I deleted my account so I couldn't follow your instagram.
I'm glad you did this though because I might sign up again :P

Thanks for the fun contest!!!

Chantals Dolls Alley said...

sorry i do not have instagram but do have facebook:) .

thank you:)

Phillaine said...

Hello! I'm Phillaine Ellingson on facebook, and I don't have an instagram account. Thanks for this giveaway, and all the positive messages in your blog and on your facebook page!

lady Z said...

hello Charlne..i am zoe papavasiliou on facebook and thats my real name too...sorry i dont have an instagram account...good luck to all of us..hope i win

Unknown said...

Hello Sweetie!! I am Morgan Johnston on facebook and photorose88 on instagram! So excited I hope I actually win! Thank you for doing something like this!

Unknown said...

i have follow your blog through my gmail acc

i have like your page... here's my FB profile

and i have followed your insta name is cewie... with a picture of a red little dal on the profile...

i hope i can adopt a Blythe from you T^T
i love dolls...and Blythe doll is look so out of reach... XD

Maemoly said...
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Maemoly said...

Hello ChaCha!
Wow, May I join this contest(:
FB : Maemoly Mp
IG : Maemoly

coldkohmew said...

Koh Jun Jie Jason

Maite said...

Done at least! I am Maite Lopez in facebook, and tunga79 in instagram. thank you

ClaudiaGleek said...

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for this great oportunity!

Facebook: Claudia Solís Barrios
Instagram: claudiamahogany

Good luck everyone!

Spinelle said...

Thanks for this Give Away!
Facebook: Melessina Mars
Instagram: melessina
And i follow your blog: Spinelle ^o^

Hihihi ♥

Sybil said...

Who won the cute blythe??