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Initially, i doubted if this color would suit me but I was surprised that it looks just nice on me as it makes me look fairer! its my first time trying off-shoulder outfit and love it ~

Glad to collaborate with Pearlavish again for their good quality online shopping. 


angeline said...

Awesome looking babe! :) just curious, could the dress be worn normally without the off shoulder? Do you think it'll be nice ? haha!

imchacha said...

Dear angeline,

Yeap, you can wear it not so Off-shoulder haha ~
Pretty good cutting for this dress, and if you wish to, you can get a $5 discount voucher and this dress is currently selling at $27.
Free local shipping as well~^^

fy said...

hi dear, the dress looks good on you. whats your height?

i have bought a number of dresses from pl but they seem too bulky for me.