(Sponsored) 無添加 Fancl Mutenka Whitening Skincare ~ Photos & Review

I'm glad for the opportunity to try out Fancl products this time round. I've been a big Fancl supporter for quite some time now, particularly of their collagen and whitening drink. This is my first time using their skincare series, and I love that they are MUTENKA (無添加)  !

What is Mutenka ?

Fancl Mutenka Whitening Line
Whitening Lotion II , Whitening Essence , Whitening Emulsion II & Whitening Mask 

無添加 Fancl Mutenka Whitening Skincare Review :

Can you spot the differences? - my skin got tanned after the recent Cebu trip. I started regularly using Fancl's Mutenka Whitening Skincare for a week since returning, and my skin brightened significantly. 

The picture on the left shows results after a week's use of Fancl's Whitening SkinCare, while the one on the right, two weeks. As you can see, brightening and balancing of skin tone both produced very visible results, and unlike other whitening products, Fancl's doesn't leave one's skin dry and/or oily. I'm happy to say that my skin retained its moisture after applying this.

Why is Mutenka important ?

- skin care without preservatives is important to us

All in all, I've been very satisfied with Fancl (as you may have already notice!) and in closing, I'd like to take this chance to remind all my readers and followers to take extra care when choosing skin care products!

Do not be lured by brands that claim to have super whitening effects with 3 or 7 days for example, but instead inspect the ingredients of the stuff that you apply on your face, and ensure that these are free from unnecessary chemicals, preservatives, mineral oils, coloring or fragrances.

Fancl is one good example of such a product without all the harmful chemicals and I have made it my choice.

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