( Paris - Part 3 ) Sight seeing Day ~ Eiffel tower and Louvre Pyramid

My Day 3 in Paris.. We took the sightseeing bus to explore to different places without taking any cab or subway. I didn't take any subway in Paris as I worried about pickpocket as I read a lot of articles regarding the pickpocket in Paris, but honestly , I feel super alright during my entire trip, maybe this is because I have few friends with me, as well as I avoided subway haha.

Our journey started early in the morning. We walked on the street and the fresh fruits attracted me.. Love the way on how they display the fruits.

And the lovely flowers that we seldom see in my country. 

I got my breakfast here

What ?! 
A bottle of wine in the morning...

The sight seeing bus.
Pay about 30 Euros and you can enjoy the unlimited day ride.

The Seine River of Paris, France.

Louvre Pyramid

Look at the bridge.. Shining gold colour thingy is the Locks

Haha, We have some bites here to keep us going.

The Eiffel tower looks brilliant at night !
The light shows the structure of the tower more obvious.

Yeah , dinner time.
We say no to the "local food" and we went for Japanese restaurant.

To be continued..

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Kenneth said...

why there are so many many locks on the bridge??? give luck on Love??