( Taichung ) Moncoeur ~ the Garden of Happiness ~ 心之芳庭 :::愛與幸福的莊園

A lovely place called Moncoeur  ( 心之芳庭 ) located in Taichung, Taiwan. It's located far from the Taichung City but meanwhile, the air is so fresh as the plants surrounding you in this garden. If you love to take photo like me , you will Love here for sure.  ^^

The entrance ticket cost me TWD$200 but it attached 
TWD$100 coupon that you can use in the garden.
For food or souvenir 

My Blythe doll ^^

Blossom flowers..
Love the color 

I spent my coupon on this !!

How to go to Moncoeur ?
怎麼去心之芳庭 ?
I booked a taxi by hourly charges,  TWD400 for 1 hour. This is definitely worth for a few of you go together. For those single traveler , you can take a bus and change taxi, that will be cheaper but you hardly get a taxi when you back unless you call.

Taxi reservation : 
Name: Mr Sun 孫先生
Email: taxi.victory168@gmail.com
Do tell him "是chacha介紹的" and he will give you the best rate  ^^

(A very nice taxi driver, polite and kind. He will advice based on where you want to go. If you go for one or two places, you can choose hourly charges ; or 1 day trip charges for more than 4 places, definitely worth for your trip to save your time and energy especially if you travel with others. )

Single traveler :
高铁----(高铁接驳车 台中公园线 免费)--永春东路口 (换乘 53公车 终点站下车 免费)--->太原火车站-->心之芳庭
太原火车站--------(计程车 约220元)------>心之芳庭

台铁台中站---(区间车 约20元)---->太原火车站----(计程车 约220元)--->心之芳庭


Unknown said...

搶到第一個按讃... 耶

imchacha said...

P Vui Ming :

Kenneth said...

遲點要跟著你所寫的路線, 遊遊台灣~

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Gina said...

Hi Charlene

thanks for sharing tips and your trip! I love the Taichung posts most of all :)

Just wanted to check, how long was the journey from Taichung to 心之芳庭 (Moncoeur)?


KellyChen said...

Beautiful pics, Charlene! Thank you cos I am visiting this area 3 years later than you in Dec. XD :)