[Sharing] My Korea Itinerary + Recommended places to go in Seoul ~ ( 8 days Korea Itinerary + 6 Days Seoul Itinerary )

I'm glad that a lot of people interested in my Seoul itinerary and I created this post for you all ^^  I'm going to share two of my Korea itinerary based on my trips on 2012. You will get a clearer picture on the sight seeing places and shopping places in Korea.

   16 March 2012 - 23 March 2012  ( 8 days Seoul & Busan Relax trip )   

Seoul Incheon Airport -->  COEX Mall  --> YeokSam Station ( Check in to Goodstay Nobless Yeoksam Hotel ) --> Myeong Dong Night Market
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Insa-dong Traditional Old street --> Ssamziegil in Insa-dong --> Myeong Dong night market
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Seoul station (KTX) --> Busan --> Haeundae ( Check in to Hanwha Resort Haeundae ) --> Shinsegae Department Store
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Haeundae beach --> Haedong-yongkung-sa --> Kukje market --> Jagalchi Seafood Market
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Busan (KTX) --> Seoul station -->  Insadong ( Check in to Hotel 2 Heaven [ love hotel ] ) --> Dong Dae Mun --> Insadong Traditional Street
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Chinese Temple nearby Insa-dong --> Kwang Hwa Mun ( Seh-Jong-Dae-Wang ) --> Lotte Duty Free Department Store in Myeong Dong
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Ewha University --> Juno Hair saloon in Ewha --> Hongik University + street and Market
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Sam-Chung-Dong --> Book-Chon-Ma-Uel ( the north village ) --> Seoul Station , Jim Jae Bang ( Sauna )


My third time traveled to Korea was on November 2012. I save a lot of money as I stayed at my Korean's friend , Sienna's house. She is super caring and sweet. I feel Im being pampered like a baby by her. Sienna, I Love you ~~~~ !!!

Honestly, I didn't plan my trip at that time as Sienna just bring me to wherever I want to go . This is definitely a super relax trip for me as we went out in the evening for Dinner and gathering with friends Haha. But I will share some Must go places in Korea at the bottom of this post. ^^

   15 November 2012 - 20 November 2012  ( 6 Days Seoul Trip )   

Seoul Incheon Airport --> COEX CALT --> Garosugil , the little Europe in Seoul
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Apgujong-dong ( Nihke in beauty Hair Saloon ) --> Apgujong-dong district
I have my nice Hair Perm here ! Super nice Hair saloon in Seoul.
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Myeong Dong --> Gangnam
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SamChung-dong --> Edae / Ewha University --> Gangnam
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Garosugil , Shinsadong
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Before you go , Read this : 


Where to go in Korea?
Recommended Places to go in Seoul :
( All of these places are easy accessible in Seoul )

Insa-dong Traditional Street :
It's like an old street, selling a lot of souvenirs , yummy traditional food and street food, designer and craft building ( Ssamziegil ) 

Garosugil , the little Europe in Seoul :
A lot of unique brand and designer boutiques here, a little pricy but worth for a walk. The streets are good for photo shooting, a lot of special cafes and galleries gathered here. My Korean's friend told me that you will easily see Korea celebrities or models here

SamChung-dong & Book Chon Ma Uel :
a place whereby art galleries, coffee shops and dessert stores gathered. Nearby to Book Chon Ma Uel, the north village. Definitely worth for a walk and take some memorable photos.

Myeong Dong night market :
A well known place that everyone will go in Seoul . You can buy a lot of things here especially cosmetics and skin care products. The good thing that you buying in the Myeong Dong cosmetics store is because you will get a lot of samples on every purchase. You will also get a free Mask or a box of cotton once you enter to their store. So sweet ~~~   >v< On top of that, The Lotte Duty Free Department store is here .

Ewha/ Edae University & Hongik University :
They are just nearby to each other. I enjoyed both of the places as they have a lot of reasonable price shops selling trendy clothing and accessories. A lot of street markets here and Some of the students selling their craft and handmade stuffs as Hongik University is famous for design and art.

Apgujong-dong :
A lot of hair saloon and restaurants gathered. I got my hair perm done in Nihke in Beauty, Apgujong-dong. Super satisfied until today ^^

Gangnam :
Everyone just think of "oppa Gangnam style " lolxx.. Local Korean usually gathered in Gangnam for dinner , drinking , singing or clubbing. A super happening place whereby pretty ladies and smart guys gathered. Trust me, just spend your night time here and you will never regret. Let's try their chicken and Beer! Super good match ~ You may try their club as well if you well dressed as my friend told me that : this is the best clubbing experience ever after he went to Korea's club. =.= But I don't have any experience before, maybe next time? hahaha

Kwang Hwa Mun :
The main sight seeing place where the Seh Jong Dae Wang "sitting". There are some temples and street for a walk in the day time. This is nearby to Insa-dong.

Jamsil Lotte World :
A theme park like Disney Land in Seoul. Entrance ticket is reasonable and Lotte World combined both indoor and outdoor park. There is a big ice skating inside the theme park and a big castle in the outdoor. Definitely worth for a visit if you love theme park ^^ 

Sincheon :
A place similar as Gangnam , crowded during dinner hour and a place for drinking and karaoke. (no rae bang )

 I try my best to note down everything here... >v<
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Hi chacha..
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imchacha said...

Sure, My Freedom,
Thanks for visiting^^
Give me some time and I will find you some Halal restaurant in Korea^^

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Unknown said...

hi there
awesome recommendation
How much is the total trip for 6-8 days as per mentioned on your blog cost per person include air ticket + hotel + transport exclude shopping....

Thank you

Unknown said...

hi there
awesome recommendation
How much is the total trip for 6-8 days as per mentioned on your blog cost per person include air ticket + hotel + transport exclude shopping....

Thank you

sjh said...

hi, good recommendations!

are you able to recommend me some romantic places?

thanks alot!

sjh said...

hi, good recommendations!

are you able to recommend me some romantic places?

thanks alot!

Unknown said...

hi chacha,,
great blog... do u have jeju itinerary ?

Unknown said...

I have a 9 hour layover in Korea and was wondering do you think I have enough time to take a taxi down to Myeong Dong? Or any places that you recommend close to the airport to buy cosmetics and of course cheap clothing?

imchacha said...

Hey guys, Thanks for the comments here^^
I wish I can help.

I will share more information soon^^

A'zzah Hawasi said...

Hi im Charlene, i will be going seoul from 8th -15th of march do you think the weather will be cold or not and what type of clothing do i have to wear?

嘟嘟的卖场 said...

Hey, I would like to know whether you been to everland or not?
As compared to lotte, which one nicer?
Thx ya.