(Seoul) What to eat in Korea? 유가네 Yoogane Dakgalbi ~ the Best Chicken Galbi in Korea

The same question that my Korean friends usually ask me when I travel to Korea  ...
" What do you want to eat today ? "

유가네  Yoogane Chicken Galbi ~
This is one of the Must Eat food for me in Korea. I love the fried spicy chicken with vegetables, and you can add on the cheese, udon, rice or noodle , yes customise it based on your preferences. The price is reasonable , a big pot of Chicken Galbi for 2-3 persons cost me around sgd$18. ( before the additional add on like cheese )

As usual you can have unlimited side dishes and drinking water but self service in the store. Their Cabbage salad is super delicious! Very fresh and match well with the spicy chicken ~

<click Here> for my previous Post  to check more pictures about Yoogane 
during my second trip on March 2012.

유가네  Yoogane Chicken Galbi ~

Yoogane's Menu
Around 8000 won and good for 1 person ~ Consider cheap ~

Cute Japanese girls beside us..
A lot of tourist here ^^

I love cheese <3

The staff will help you to cook the Chicken Galbi.

These are the Free side dishes that you can ask for unlimited refill..
The green cabbage salad is Superb !!!

JaeYeun  Park... Sienna's sister ^^

They have a self-service salad bar for you..
 the fresh cabbage with the green salad sauce!

You can enjoy your fried chicken Galbi until 30% left in the pot,
Ask for the further add on like udon, noodle or rice..
We added rice that time... with CHEESE!!!

<click Here> for my previous Post  to check more pictures about Yoogane 
during my second trip on March 2012.

Where is Yoogane? 
You can find it in Myeong Dong ! they have two stores here..
One of it located right beside skinFood..

유가네 Yoogane address: 
66-6, Chungmuro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-710

How to go to Yoogane?
In Myeong Dong area,  the red arrow pointed the main street which cosmetics stores gathered.
Follow the main road and turn Right at the third junction.


Patrick said...

Look very yummy......I got pass by the area...very crowded....

imchacha said...

yes ~it always crowded..
and the taste is good >v<

Patrick said...

Haha, places that are crowded I don't go, no pricing I don't go, too big portion not dare to go in order.....no english words go dare to step in. Keke...one person really difficult to try new food.

Xiphias said...

I go to a few place without english and they give me menu without english.
So I order with pictures. Haha! But the food is good!

Kstylick said...

Yey. Seems like you had so much fun. Glad to hear about such trips. Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!


imchacha said...

haha, yes the food is good, and dont worry as korea spenses is not so expensive.

imchacha said...

Kstylick ~
thanks for coming, i will follow yours ^^

Unknown said...

Can we order it to be less spicy?

imchacha said...

Hi Roger,
Yes you can order with less spicy ~

city said...

thanks for share..

imchacha said...

Thanks city^^
I hope it helps!

cappielphyriel said...

Hi Charlene,
i want to ask about this restaurant :) how many portion should we order for 2 person? how big is the portion of Dak galbi?
Thankyou in advance.

imchacha said...

Hey, you just need to order 1 potion for 2 people, and it is just nice for 2, you can then add rice or noodle with cheese and fried together ..
super nice~

MarianiGo said...
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Nyasha said...

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