(Seoul) What to buy in Myeong Dong ? Myeong dong Night Market

Myeong Dong night market, a place that most of the tourist will go in Seoul. I still remember I was super excited last year when I first visited here. If you are first time travel to Seoul, this is a Must go place for you to explore. You can find everything here such as fashion accessories, skin cares & cosmetics,street food, Daiso, Forever 21 and some underground fashion stores.

I got this cute Red Hat in Myeong Dong 
at sgd$20

2 Sisters enjoying checking on the cute accessories selling on the street

Unforgettable experience..
People push here and there just because of them.
KPOP group ~ Boyfriend

We are Rabbit...

Really Cute!
I wish to have them all but don't know where to store them..

Then we walked into this store and stayed for at least 40minutes ..
Lush in Myeong Dong

Cute Bubble Bar

Smile  =)

Love their Staffs ,
so friendly and helpful~
I tried their X'mas Limited Shower gel

Look at the staff's face ..

The shower soap ~

Mask Packs..

I will say, the price for lush in Korea is slightly cheaper compare to Singapore.
You can buy it as a souvenir or self use.
Check their Star product " Mask of magnaminty"

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Happy walker said...

that is so true~ =D

imchacha said...

^^ hihi~Mr. Lonely

Unknown said...

may i know how much are the range of the price of bunnies that you took with in the photo
the bunny plushie, and where is the location i could find that