(Seoul) First Dinner in Seoul~ Bu-dae-chi-gae 부대찌개 & My beloved Waffle ice-cream in BeansBins Coffee

Bu-dae-chi-gae 부대찌개 is one of my favorite Korean Food ! I love the way they boiled everything together. The sausages, rice cakes, vegetables, tofus and noodle with the thick Korean Spicy Soup. 부대찌개 Bu-dae-chi-gae originated during the Korean War, people made this dish by combining all the leftover Spam and hotdogs from US army facilities. 

Sienna asked me what I wish to eat on my very first day , and all I can think of is Bu-dae-chi-gae 부대찌개. Hahaha, then she brought me to this store , 대우식당 Dae-yu-sik-dang in Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu for a very yummy bu-dae-chi-gae.  ^_^

대우식당   Dae-yu-sik-dang
641-18 Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul South Korea
+82 2-552-1663

My sweetie, Sienna Park.

with the boss..

It's Autumn ..
I love the color of the Leaves..

And we came here for our dessert ..
BeansBins Coffee

Look at this, they have a heater outside the store

BeansBins Waffle's Menu
They using Haagen-Daaz ice cream for the ice cream waffles ^^

Super cute staff in the store ^^

Their decoration made me Feel like Christmas 

Dang Dang !!! Our Haagen-Daaz ice-cream  waffle in Beans Bins Cafe !
We choosed Vanilla and Green Tea ice cream ^^
Super yummy !!

a Hot cappuchino for me ...

Super happy with Dessert ...

If you love Dessert like me, you should try BeansBins coffee, they have variety waffle ice cream and the price is super cheap! Each waffle selling at about $12 sgd with 2 scoops of Haagen-Daaz ice creams!  Definitely worth for a try ! They have a lot of branches in Seoul as well~ 

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Happy walker said...

yummy korean food~

imchacha said...

YEs!!! it is..i miss it already..i wish I'm in korea now >v<

Patrick said...

Me too...... I miss Korea.... :(

imchacha said...

Yesss~ lets go again !!! HAHAA

Patrick said...

When you want to go? Haha you twice in a year already .....haha 2013 Sep?