Monthly update ~ start from my Danbo ^^

Look at this ! Danbo is super cute in this picture !! Photo taken by Ashlee and the Lego provided by Ivan . I feel super satisfied as I successfully influenced some people around me to Love Danbo. Everyone crazy about it now especially Ashlee Tan !!! Ahahahaha~     XD

Danboard aka Danbo is a Japanese Cardboard Robot that originally appeared in the Manga Yotsuba&! in 2007. Danbo is seen as an icon of curious innocent and it super cute in the photo!!

Photo taken by Ashlee Tan , Lego by Ivan 

Thank you so much for the surprised ! You bought a cake for me after i got my PR approval. Super happy as I can share the happiness with you ^^

 Celebrating ..

I used to shop in oversea for clothing or dresses during my trip. But I bought this in Singapore recently. Love the Korean Style Dress in my favorite color - creamy white.  Bought this at $30 from a store called Rainbows in Far East Plaza. The boss is super friendly.

I found someone keep playing this game in his iPhone and He said this is the Famous game nowadays for all the korean. It's a game similar to Bejeweled and it called "AniPang". Simply drag 3 a kind and scores ! Most interesting part is to Break your friend's Scores!

"Mummy, I'm healthy . Someone take caring me very very well " My breakfast on my bed >v< Super lazy but Super Enjoy ~

My three cousins who owned themselves an iPad. Super blissful kids these days...   T_T  , I don't even have an iPad to be honest.

This is Super yummy prepared by Someone. My breakfast variety is even better than the Cafe MAc in my company.    =)

Nothing much , and work..  

Someone and I Followed Softy Alex Zhou and Ashlee Tan to a Ukelele store few weeks ago. Wow ! It was stunning !! I can't stop myself to get the permission to blog about their store. Anyone into Ukelele ??!  I will go again and blog about it one day ~~    =)

Wore on my comfortable knitting top from Japan. You will know how cold is it in my office .  :p

It's a little hope by Shirlene ~ She planted this Chili in office. I feel like I want to plant something too, How about .... Potato? 

We went to Ricky's house for a nice dinner. Oh my god, I think every Korean Guy can cook well ! Almost all of my Korean male friends can cook better than lady. Found this photo wall in Ricky's room, the lady is his lovely wife who pregnant now in Korea. I wish they will get a super Cute baby and Happy Family.

"We should Get Out from home ! " People who knew me well seldom ask me for outing as I always reject them and stay in my sweet sweet room. ( but nobody trust me that I'm a girl who love to stay at home ... )  I went for a little day tour in my island with Victor, Ronald and Denny for Photo Shoot. We walked from Somerset to Marina for few hours. It was a Happy Day as we got a lot of Freebies and Free Ben & Jerry's Ice cream from the event in the town.

A super busy Friday in office because of New Launching.

Guess where were we? In Singapore Zoo !!! Haha , honestly I'm not happy that day due to some personal issue, but Super thanks to Shirlene and her bf who always calm me down and cheer me up. Special Thanks to Denny obba too who really care about me ^^

Went to a this Korean Restaurant called 景福宮 in JB with Denny & Philip. This was Yummy ! The best Kimchi in Singapore and JB. ~ hahaa. 

Reading time in my sweet room~ Wanna improve my Korean more and more    =)    Who want to learn korean together ?

I found that I love to take photo with Instagram ~ Their Filters always made photo looks better. Love the cute bicycle sign and the greenish grass.

By the way , What is he doing ?   =.=''    New pose for 2013 ??

I love to hang out with Ashlee these days. She is a super nice girl and always easy going. On our way to Sushi ! Yuhuu..

Friday again ! Happy mood and took a lot of photos with my iPhone. I put on eye make up that day and wore on my Glasses. Love the blue denim Top that I bought recently ~ ^^

** End **

PS: " I can't believe that , I bought my Air ticket to Korea again !!!! "
I will go to Korea on 15 November 2012 

Do check it out here for more info and photos during my Trip  ^^

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