Nuffnang & NuffnangX !! My Very First Online Earning ~ !!!

Huraaaaaay ! I got my First Cheque issued by Nuffnang for my Blog Advertisement. Thank you so much everyone here who read my blog, click on my Ad and Laughing at my photos... lol

" Thank you "
to everyone who supporting me ^^


What is Nuffnang ?
Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific's First and leading Blog advertising community. For people who share the passion for blogging like I do ! Their community currently reaches out to 1,000,000 bloggers in 7 countries & regions - Malaysia,Singapore,Philippine,Australia,China,Hong Kong & Thailand.

Are you a Blogger like me ?
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Are you a Fan of my Blog  ?    =)
Super happy as they have another easier way for the readers to stalk the blogger's blog and Chat with the blogger anytime anywhere. Go to the Appstore and download Nuffnangx today!

Once again,
Thank you so much for those who supporting me always!
I will Keep it Up ^^


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Thanks Mr Lonely ^^
Because of your support as well !!