( Italy-Milan ) the Duomo of Milan and Da vinci's Last Supper

Duomo is a term for a cathedral church. Italian cathedral are highly decorated and contain notable artwork and this is the Best known Duomo - The Duomo of Milan. I took the train to Duomo Station and the train is without air-con ! Totally out of my expectation but once i got off the train and went out of the station, I was stunned...

A Stunning Huge Duomo was in front of me ..
This is my Birthday Trip last year..

I took Ryanair from Dublin to Milan and cost me around  sgd$550.

The weather was good and cloudy sky 

Look at this , Can you imagine the train in Milan is non air-conditioned?

Dang Dang !! Got my Free upgrade of the Hotel room !
Hotel was expensive .. around sgd$200

The Metro in Milan ~
go to the Duomo Station 

Once you get out of Duomo Station,
the Real Duomo of Milan will appear right in front of you !!
Stunning building , I wonder how long they build this >.<''

Piazza Duomo

Cheese ~!

There is a Rule for entering Duomo, No pants or skirt shorter than your knee
... my skirt was short !! Luckily I able to pull it longer ...

The Long candles everywhere in the Duomo..

Look at the people... so tiny in this Huge Building ..
I was shocked that the Door is Super Tall 

The country surrounded by Artworks..
This is the Window inside the Duomo. They decorated every single part of it.
...  Love the colorful image on the glass  ...

Outside the Duomo... is Piazza Duomo
Similar building structure ..

There are a lot of the BRanded Outlet in Piazza Duomo
including Prada , Gucci , LV, Chanel ...etc

the McDonald's looks Special too in Piazza Duomo ~

Piazza Duomo

After my Duomo Sight seeing .. I went to 
Da Vinci's Last Supper

  address:   Piazza della Maria delle Grazie 2  

The entrance ticket cost me EUR6.50

an Italian girl enplaning the meaning of the Last Supper
This is the Sample outside as no Picture allowed for the Masterpiece

After the half day sightseeing tour, 
Went for my dinner ^^

I have to say it again & again..
Their wines are Super Nice !!  and the price is Super Cheap too !!!
This bottle of wine cost me around  sgd $20  

After Milan...
Guess where I went ??

This is the train station.. One thing I have to say which is..
Their train ticket Super expensive..
One way ticket to another part of Italy cost me around sgd $100

Everyone seems ready to move to another part of Italy now..

Milan is a country that's totally out of my expectation. They do not have any trendy building with glass and their Metro is without air-con =.=''  I can say they are trying to keep their artwork on the building structure and therefore the building looks old but feel different and unique from other countries.

The food and Wine here were Superb! The wine is Super cheap , a bottle selling at sgd$ 20 in the restaurant with Super nice taste.

Duomo Milan / Piazza Duomo
  How to go : Take the Metro and alight at "Duomo Station"  

Da Vinci's Last Supper
  address:   Piazza della Maria delle Grazie 2  


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imchacha said...

Hey! Thanks for coming!
Appreciate your long comment and i think i need to learn from you !!!
Thanks for sharing ~

wing said...

Hey Charlene, the trip looks cool~ Can i know approximately how much you cost for Italy-Milan trip, eg. accommodation, meals etc.? Which is only in Milan expenses, included flight to Milan.

imchacha said...

Hi Wing ~
For this Italy trip, the accomodation i spent about sgd$200 per night,but of course i shared with my buddy who went with me, and the price for meals is similar as singapore, maybe $15-20 per main course, wine is super cheap, the whole bottle cost about $15-20 ,but taste super good. Flight was actually about $1300 sgd. >v< by emerald.

Unknown said...

Love your blog!. May I know which hotel you stayed in Milan?

Indrianishvi said...

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