Room sweet Room...

Working in Singapore for so long , I enjoy everything including the working environment , the people around me, the food from different country and the safeness in this Country ~ One thing that i keep complaining ... which is the Accommodation. Renting a Room or a Flat is expensive...or should i say :" It is Super expensive ..."  Totally troublesome when you trying to look for a room or a unit , have to worry about the location, the rental fees, the agent fees , transportation or the eateries around.

Wilson successfully moved out to a Condo's common room in Admiralty two weeks ago. And I have to help someone to look for a room in this week... Looking for a nice , cosy and well renovated room for someone in AMK area.. trying to check from the internet and i have no clue.. What is the market price now? I wish i could get someone a reasonable price's and comfortable room...

I believe many people who working in S'pore facing the same issue ..( non Singaporean )
Nevertheless we still have to try our best and find ourself a suitable place to stay ..
A sweet sweet " ROOM " for us ~

PS: Anyone have any nice + well renovated room located in AMK area , 
please drop me an email at :

Super Thanks...    <3
I wish the someone will get a nice Room soon ~~~


Happy walker said...

the above room is your's one kah? looks nice leh~ XD

imchacha said...

haha that is not my room~i love that too...hope can get a room like this~