( Bangkok - Part 4 ) Animal Palace + Dolls Kingdom ~ in Chatuchak market

Super cute furry animal around me in Chatuchak pet's market. A lot of different animal that they will take it as a pet. Rabbit and Puppies are consider common, but how about Squirrel and Chicken ??
Super exciting when I crossed the animal's street.. I wish I can get a puppy to go back Singapore with me but unfortunately ... bring an animal to singapore is super hard in their official Procedure and ChaCha didn't get her own house yet ~

Super Duper Cute Rabbit ~~~

Chicken ... for Pet ??!

This is super attracting , the color so sharp !

Mini Crab ~~ 

Golden in color... 

Someone Likes this !
The "squirrel" ? very popular pet in Thailand..

Ohh~so cute ~~~

Huh~?! Looks like Thor ... ahahahaha

Traditional Korean lady ~

Hungry and settled our lunch here...

Cheaper price eating beside the street ~
About $2 

Super Hot in chatuchak =.=''
Luckily i applied sunblock before i go ..
Prepare some tissues , mini fan and cold drink if you can ...

Ukelele!!! Selling arond sgd $70 and above..

Super cold ~ ate this once at China Town in Singapore ~

Love their colorful heels..
but too hot for me to spend my time here..

Long Queue here.. 
my curiosity bring me here to see what was going on..

The coconut ice cream!!!
Perfect for this Super Hot weather

The teenager's street ~selling their own design in reasonable price..

Someone bought a lot of T-shirt  from this shop ~
Super good Quality at $6-7  , but of course not the one with Captain America la~

Believe it or not, just $6-7 each ~and the Quality and material are Great ~!!

I love this street ~ Discovered a lot of nice design~

The Handmade accessories ~~

Impressive that this little kid started to help his family for business ~

Super sweet Mango ~ 

This is the local street food, 
I love it !!! It contained Coconut and sweet cream ~

Have you try Thai Ice tea before?
Really nice ~but a little bit too sweet ~

- the Doll Kingdom -

I went to JJ Mall which nearby to Chatuchak,
And I found a very big Doll's shop~ the store's owner is really friendly and kind !
I met few of the Thailand girl gathered in the store and having their Doll's meet up .
I joined them and sit with them even we didn't talk to eat other, all of us looking at the dolls and smiling to each other... haha ~ feel weird but Happy! How I wish I can speak their Language... 

A Place that fulfilled with Blythe, Pullip , BJD , or barbies...

the counter / front desk of the shop.

Pullip fulfilled the wall !!

Look at the Customized Blythe ~ 
Look a bit scary , but I will say this is a great art work 

Those BJD dolls standing at the right hand side ...
are really really big size !!!

Sweet dolls everywhere ^^

I found that the accessories here are reasonable price compare to Singapore !

BJD's accessories... body and hair..

This is Super cute!
so small ~ and i found that so adorable !!

this BJD belongs to one of the girl in the gathering

I feel regret that I didn't buy this   T_T
the store's owner told me that this is on Sale and selling at sgd$250
Super cheap , and this is 12'' !!

The bikes for dolls !!
I Love the white one !!! 

Dollssss ... I don't know why I love Dolls so much ...
I feel happy when I look at them ~ ahhahaa
Happy Discovery Trip to Chatuchak !!!!

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stanley said...
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stanley said...

chicken and crab also can take as pet? hmmm... hopefully the owner won't cook chicken curry or spicy crab in home to scare their pet... =P

imchacha said...

LOLxx , i think they won't la..~
I wanna bring the doggie back =.=''

stanley said...

suddenly found this
wa, u r star talent ya... =)

imchacha said...

Hahahaha thanks thanks ^^ is that website famous ??

stanley said...

dunno leh~ actually it was posted in a job finding page in facebook to find new talent... but ur pic was set as main pic leh~ sui wor~ nx time wan get ur signature photo ady~~~

imchacha said...

wow~i never know that , can you send me the link pls~

stanley said...

hi, i send the link to ur email ady ya...

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene, I'm Jasmine & a BJD owner in Singapore. I came across your blog while browsing for BJD shops in Bangkok! I'm so thankful for your comprehensive info on JJ Mall, I would like to plan a trip there soon. :-)

imchacha said...

Jasmine: thanks for your comment and glad that you love it ~
wish you share more after u go ^^

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene :) , well I saw this when I'm on my way searching for bjd accessories shop ^^ , I also live in Thailand & also a doll owner , so erm , can u tell me where exactly the shop is in JJ mall , well , it's some kind of shame since i never really go to JJ Mall >.< , nevertheless , the information u gave is so useful , thank u