( Taiwan- Part 1 ) My backpack trip to Taipei by TigerAirways ~

My backpack trip ~ began early in the morning ~
I took MRT all the way from my home to the Airport ~
T2 > Shuttle Bus > Budget Terminal ~
I flied to Taipei by TigerAirways ..
so far so good..  =)

Can't wait for the Finger food & Night market ~

I had my McBreakfast and realized they have a brand new Chicken Muffin burger ..
It was Great!! Yummy ~!!
Chicken + cheese + Muffin ... 

Finally ~ i reached Taipei after 270 minutes =.=''
while i'm heading to the Custom, i saw the immigration staff bring a dog..
Guess what ? a dog but not German Sherpered ... lolx
So cute!!! the dog checking on those luggages and bags ...

Walked all the way to the Express bus counter, 
bought the ticket at NTD125 and waiting for the bus ~
The staff in front of the counter was great!
Old uncle at around 50+ years old and he is from HK can speak both Cantonese and Mandarin ^^

After an hour..
I reached Taipei ! yuhuu~!!!
Look at all the "yellow's car" , they are Taiwan's taxi ..
Taiwanese called it 小黃~ (計程車)
Took the taxi to my hotel , and pay around NTD120

Jiang ~This hotel again ~
Recommended by Shirlene last year ~
Found that the Hotel's location was great, therefore i'm going to stay here again ..
Vendome Hotel ..located right at the town .. and Right beside Subway station ~

The Dark Reception counter...
LOL  ~ really low light... 

Look at the Room!! heheheh~
Comfortable Bed , Great design and See through Toilet ??!
hahaha it comes with the curtain actually ~

Clean and Cosy Room ^^

Self Portrait ! LOL

The very first meal in Taiwan ..
Went to this restaurant located behind my Hotel .
Taste so so ... Japanese style bento ~as i'm really Hungry + Tired T_T

I brought my Danbo too ~hehehe
Checking on the Taipei map ..

Then i went to my beloved 7-11 ~
They have a lots of things ~ oat milk, lunch box, supplements , collagen drinks ...etc
Their sandwiches and buns are so Yummy~!same as the Japan one!!!

Crazy for all the Food & Drinks in 7-11..
first purchased was NTD300+ , and they give me a Free Snoopy Folder.
Hehe, my favorite session, having their stickers collection~
Feel exciting and end up i collected 8 of them and exchanged a Twix Choco bar ^^

huh ? Tried all of them ! hehe
Love the green one for better Digestion ~
Love their supplements packed in individual packaging~

then ... i went to their Shilin night market ...
To be Continue...


Jash said...

Enjoy life at its best sia! =)

imchacha said...

zhahahahahahha hopefully~ always enjoy my life..u too~!!!

Charlene.T said...

hi Charlene! did you went alone? how much did you spent in total?