One day in MarinaBaySands ~ Super Exciting SkyPool ~~

My second time to enter the pool area.. but.. without my swimming wear ~
T_T   I didn't spend my night here but Samantha did. Therefore i just went for photo shooting ~
hahaha ... ( i wanna swim if im staying there next time   XD  )

It was crowded that day , because of weekend >.<''
Crowded but exciting !! ahahah  , saw a lot of foreigner and made me feel like i'm currently
out of Singapore ~ :p

First feeling , really wanna shout out loudly .. the sky was so near.. the city appeared in front of you,
the people around you were foreigner,the environment was simply relaxing ..
( and of course, a lot of bikinissss ) LOL

And this was the Hotel room ...
Suites Room ~ It's so HUGE!!!
i think next time we can arrange 10-20 people here for mahjong and poker card together ... LOL
And even there was a big Balcony ...
and 2 big toilets ... BIG bathtub ~!!!
Free nespresso coffee .. >v<   really great enjoyment !!


Jash said...

haha... the ang mo in the 3rd pic staring at u!
OMG! u are so pretty and your figure is good >.<

wadsad said...

wa seh! Suite room in MBS!! Mega enjoyment. haha.

imchacha said...

lolx!!!! he knew that I'm taking picture maybe ~lol!!!!!
thanks Jash^^

imchacha said...

LOL`but I'm not the one who stayed there LOL
maybe next time la...hahahahah
poor =.=

Happy walker said...

how much a? >.<

imchacha said...

Usual price $1000+ but they bought with member price ~
not sure about how much >.<

Happy walker said...

@.@ ~