My first Voice clip for sharing >v<''

I recorded this around 7 months ago .. and stored inside my desktop.
I admit that i didn't turn on my desktop for more than 6 months LOL
As I'm using my MacBook Air all the time... Love Mac    =)

I'm not good in singing, but I Love to sing <3
Im using Adobe Audition software for the Song's recording,
the Background music found from a china website :

Here you go ...
my testing version :      <click me> My First Sharing

Mandarin song : 孤單北半球

用你的早安陪我 吃晚餐 記得把想念 存進撲滿
我 望著滿天星 在閃 聽牛郎對織女說 要勇敢

不怕我們在地球 的兩端 看你的問候 騎著魔毯
飛 用光速飛到我面前 你讓我看到北極星有十字星作伴

少了你的手臂當枕頭 我還不習慣
你的望遠鏡望不到 我北半球的孤單
太平洋的潮水跟著地球 來回旋轉
我會耐心地等 等你有一天靠岸

少了你的懷抱當暖爐 我還不習慣
E給你照片看不到 我北半球的孤單
世界再大兩顆真心就能 互相取暖
想念不會偷懶 我的夢通通給你保管


Happy walker said...

wow.. got feel.. got feel leh~ nice~ XD

Anonymous said...

Can have England songs ? :( moi ish dunch understands chinese... but nice voice .. *heart melts*

Jash said...

Nice voice!

The starting part u should lower your pitch abit, the chorus higher your pitch abit. And it will be prefect. Just my 2 cents =x

Jash said...

Just to add 1 thing.
1) Your voice is shaking haha... best if u can sing it smoothly w/o shaking your voice. Just my another 2 cents=x Anyway u sing very well! Fighting!

HevnBoyz said...

nice voice char! just like you, i love singing but is not a really good singer. Before there used to be an active thread in a forum (Asian Fanatics) where we all would sing and post in the forum and people will comment, quite fun la... but now the thread is no longer that active =(

here's a small compilation of my singing XD

by the way, keep this singing post coming, love to hear u sing! =D 加油!

imchacha said...

hahah thanks thanks...

imchacha said...

hi...hahaha~ alright,will try next time for english song ^^
thanks thanks~

imchacha said...

Wow sounds great!!
hahaha ,you have good advice on my clip... yeah actually my voice shaking ..
hahaha will try to improve next time be stable ~ :p
thx thx ^^

imchacha said...

wow! i heard it!
nice !!! thanks for sharing and you have a good voice...
hahaha i wish to share more if i could.. LOL
thx thx for coming and comment^^

Anonymous said...

Nice voice. I love reading your blog.