an Outing ^^ our Photo shooting Day

My buddies and I
trying to arrange an outing for Photo shooting since Last November.
" Oh ya, next time we go for Photo shooting together la ~ "


一等就等了四個月 ~

Finally we got time and go for this photo shooting session together..
But .. Frances was not there T_T

We went to this : The Sterling 
Recommended by Frances even she is not there ..   :p

Took by Alfred..

 Took by Kelvin 

 Took by me ^^   ChaCha

 Took by Alfred

 Took by me ^^
Love Danbo so much... My danbo with someone ...
This Danbo from Steven ~ Luckily he brought that day ~

 Took by Alfred

 By ChaCha
My beloved BL-Sunday best Blythe ~
Outing with us today >v<

 By ChaCha

By Kelvin 

 By Alfred's camera + stand lol!!!
from left to right..
ChaCha , Steven , Alfred & Kelvin 

By Alfred

This is soooooo Nice!!!
The water drops on the Grass...
Felt amazing when we saw this... Discovered by Steven & Kelvin

These 2 Photos by Steven...

Really cute la the Kelvin's post ... by ChaCha   and The black & white by Alfred....

A Black & White collections by Alfred...

Love the moments...
By Chacha

Funny scenes..

We are just like the monkeys =.=''

By Alfred ^^

After the Photo sessions...
We walked to opposite and there is a Nice Restaurant + Shops...
Forgot the name =.=

Pretty good food with reasonable price ...
Have a rest and play around..
Then we end our day at the Bus stop...

See my sweating face =.=''

But nice photo always with a lots of sweat ^^

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