( Santouka @ The Cuppage ) a Hokkaido Ramen in SG ?

Ramen ~!
拉麵 ~
라면 ~

Who don't like Ramen ??

Visited this Ramen restaurant with my buddies..
Alfred, Victor, Ronald & Frances... + Denny 
Recommended by Alfred Man ~

First visit was in The Central @ Clark Quay ~
First time visited this mall =.=''
Not dare to tell others that , I stay in singapore for so long ...
Please believe that i'm a 宅女!!!

(  This is the day we had our dinner before i bought the dress to 
AOSS night party ~~  )
 --> Click here for AOSS Dinner & Dance Party

Looks Real ??
ahahaha, this is the Display Set in front of the Entrance ~

This egg...
MUST eat !!!
mix it into your Hot Ramen ...
It's really Awesome!!

This is the Set that Victor ordered..
Ramen with pork and Rice ..

Tasty Shoyu soup with the Egg >v<

The Premium Char Siu Ramen set ~
Special recommend!
This is the Premium Char Siu,

" Hey! you need to dip it inside the Hot soup for awhile..and the taste is Better! "
Alfred shouting ~

Frances...the FAKE halal...
As she don't like to eat Pork ...
then she ordered this... 
Eating the Rice in a Ramen Shop ....
But luckily she tasted the soup^^

My first time..
Ordered this and felt regret ~
Because the original Miso soup Ramen is better...

They ordered the gyoza too!!!
Taste is good ~

The environment is "Okay-Okay" 
because the shop is small and fulfilled with people..
Special Reminder : Please go to this restaurant asap during Dinner time!
Always Long Queue!!!!

Ready to eat ~~ 

Can you see?
They were actually Waiting for the table ...
火頭山  Santouka Ramen

Honestly, the Ramen still cannot compare with Japan one..
But you can try this out as it consider good in Singapore..

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