the 9 Hours in my Lovely Office ~ Part 1

I saw a group of...
Smurfs ??  =.=''

My colleagues are in Blue outfit today !!
Really looks like a group of Smurf =.=''
> >  藍精靈 ~ 十分勁 ~

I Love my company ..
and the members here...

Some of them are cute
Some of them are crazy,
Some of them looks lovely,
Some of them looks scary =.=;

" chik-chak .."
The one who sitting behind me ...
always holding her beloved Fujifilm X100
Just like the camera is sticked to her body,
During lunch time,
Break time... 
The camera always appear with her ..
One set ~!

" Hey Cha, you see this ! nice or not ?!! "
And then we have someone...
who always talking about Branded..
Learnt about Lambskin & Patent leather from her ...
otherwise i will never know that =.=''

Lunch time = Gym time 
Then we have someone who always skip the lunch and go to Gym ~
" Getting older, I really hard to maintain my body shape "
you will always see the girl with wet hair after lunch time..
Because she got no time to dry her hair after shower~

To be continue ...


Francesss said...


Pose~~~ ^^

imchacha said...

LOLXxx!!!!!! super chosen one !!!