When there is a Fork in the road ... Which way to go ?

I believe.. everyone facing this before..
HArd to make a decision.
Left or Right ?
Go or Stay ?

When u facing a fork in the road and hard to make a decision,
it is because,
we don't want to Regret,
Maybe there is no Second chance for you,
Maybe the wrong decision will change your life...


When i was in Japan,
facing a lots of attracting food,
I hardly make a decision. XD
because i stay there for only 5 days, 
I wish I can eat all nice food !!

When my colleague asking me:
"Hey ChaCha,are u going to give up the chinese blog ?"
I ...    can't answer..
Of course i don't want to give up,
But i worry that i got no time to update both blogs..

I hope I can migrate the blog and concentrate here,
but the thing is,
i can't create the category folder by myself using this Blogspot  T_T
I decided to keep both blogs...
Ahahahah ...
My Lord! Can you give me 48 hours a day?
So that i able to complete all my To-Do List..

Make a right decision and never feel regret,
We are the one ..
who choose & control our Life..

( All the cute babies i brought back from Japan.. How to choose only one ??? )

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