Valen-tine ?

Happy Valentine's Day ~!

( Photo by Axioo -  Tallent photographer )

Its exciting day ...
For those who having a Valentine ~
But for those who didn't have one, Don't forget,
You still have friends and family with you..
You are not alone!
Human basically cannot live alone..
XD   ahahah~ 

There are a lot of things happening around me today..

" I  prepared a nice dinner yesterday for Him ! and as well as the Dessert !! "
from Samantha Thong.

" I went spotlight and bought some knitting tools and started to knit a scarf for Him! "
from Samantha Chen.

" OMG~! I got Flower from My McDull !! sweet !! "
from Frances Li.

" After my boy saw Samantha's cooking..He decided prepare my dinner ! "
from Shirlene Chow.

" Let's ask your boy to go Supermarket tonight with me! XD "
from Nick Chan

" What is your plan wor charlene ?? "
from Victor Lai.. lolx 

What is my Plan?
What is my Plan??
the answer is ...
No Plan... 

Believe it or not?  


Samantha Chen said...

this is really sweet! I love this page alot, because it's very meaningful and feel like the whole page are filled with LOVE! <3

Love you ChaCha! Sweet Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Frances Li said...

If you don't have plan, dinner with me then~ ^^ hahaha~

imchacha said... too~ Fell like the things is fulfilled with Love,
atmosphere is good around me...

Love u too Sam Sam ~ Happy Valentine;s Day too~
And you will get a perfect match this time^^

imchacha said... what is your dinner yesterday>?

Samantha Thong said...

Now only I saw this blog post... LOL

Vita Soy said...

OMG, I was so thin few years back!!!

imchacha said...

Lolx... slowpoke! now i can use on u!

imchacha said...

Yes... you are !!!!
ahahahaa ~
get back your actual figure!!!