( KL Trip ) A gathering with friends and family after CNY

" I been waiting for a month since CNY !"
My friend who came back from Ireland keep complaining to me ...

I didn't go back to KL during CNY because ..
Air tickets was expensive,
Bus tickets sold out,
The traffic very jam ...
My family members are in SG...

Lolx...  :p
Giving so many Excuses...

This trip was a tired trip,
Rush here and there,
Meet up friends and family,
Eat some nice food,
Going Genting.. oppss...

Total 3 days in KL,
But slept only 12hours ??

Talked about the place i stayed,
i tried to book hotel at the first place,
Because my Grandma house may not have any empty room for me,

End up my mummy bring me here...

Located Right on the Pavillion shopping..

Got shocked..
And the house was so nice!!
My Dream House ~ <3

Mummy sitting there... ahahah 
Guess what she doing at that time ?

Nice design.. Comfortable lighting ..

 The Living Room..

The room i stayed ~

 The Master room ~
Sweet and lovely ...  Love the wooden floor ~

The Dressing Table ..
ahaha ~ Love the purple Arm chair ~

 Arghhh~ love the bath room, including the shower room and this part,
Shower room forgot to take photo lol~
Love the bath tub ~ ^^

 ^^ OSIM uDivine ~
Act like "I am a Queen" 

The shoes rack ... :p

Jiang Jiang ~!
My mum was playing iPad =.=''

Even early in d morning...

 Rolling ~~~

 The next morning... Love the photo in the Bright room ~

 From the Balcony ~ 

 Love Starbucks - Dragon Fruits + Kiwi drink ~~

 The 2 ... Brothers?? ahaha

Our Bak Kut Teh ~~

 Colourful ~ hehe

 Meat balls~~ is it too much???

 Legendary spicy chilly ... !!!!

The EGG!!!! Love the taste after mix the egg with the noodle~~!

Cannot be patient for this !!!
I Love this so much ~!

Afternoon time...
Went to 2nd Uncle's house..
hehe... and have FUN with their PS3 ...

 The view from Living room ..
wow... they can see the fireworks clearly during NewYear

 As usual, my 2nd Uncle's Wife,
Likes to collect those Free toys from McDonald ~
She is crazy for it!! ahahaha

What is this Pose??!
Ermm... are u ... Dancing? =.=''

 Ahhh, Sports Game..

 Creative Wall Clock ...

 Hmmm... Wines!!!

Cousin sister's Room ~ Luckily Tidy ~^^

 Master Room ~ belongs to 2nd Uncle & Wife `

 Dining table... 
Carmen, Are u going to eat your Laptop here?!?!

 Cousin brother's room ... Tidy also ~ Good ~
( Cousin: of course tidy lar, i worry my mum will nagging me again ! ) lol

 The Living room ~

At the evening ...
Of course go to the Landmark ...

 Love the outlook of these corns.. ( don't u feel they look like Corn?? )
But made by the glasses ...

 Outside of the KLCC... 

 My buddy came back from Ireland...Stupid Ivan ~!

What is this POST??
Is it a trend from Ireland now ???!

 2 Brothers ... Gossiping ~

 Buddies !!!
( But ivan's face .. @#$@$#@ )


Francesss said...

Someone's photo shooting skill is improving~~~

good good!!!

imchacha said...

I felt that too!!!
I hope will improve till expert la..
Then i will have nice photo always...

Francesss said...

you always have nice photo, gal~ hahaha
and btw, i really really miss the banmee !!!!!!

imchacha said...

YEAH!!! me too!!!
the spicy banmee with egg >.<