(Hua Yi Kitchen @ Orchard) Noodle `Dumpling ~ Zha Jiang Mien ~!!

Do you like "Zha Jiang Mien" ?
ahahaha... i guess both Chinese & Korean Love 炸醬麵
Few days ago,
"someone" bring me to this Traditional Chinese restaurant,
for nice 炸醬麵
This little restaurant located at International Building near SHAW house..

The restaurant is small,
But i love the food here,
maybe it make me feel like "Mummy's cook"
especially the Porridge,
Like my Grandma's style  >v<

The 炸醬麵 ~~~ ^0^

The Grandma's style Porridge ~~

Dumpling ~ Taste is not bad ~! 
Taste like Xiao Long Bao 

They served the chinese type "Salty Peanut"
but of course need to pay.. I guess $0.60 ?

End part..
Bill ~ ahahahahaha

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