Whitening Drip in Malaysia 美白點滴 (Vit C + Glutathione 快速美白的方法~)

Always want a fabulous fair skin like those Korean or Japanese girls.
Super duper fair from top to toe. I believe the weather and the place of living may caused the skin colour different, but for us who staying in a country which "luckily" with 365 days of Summer, Who doesn't want a fair skin ?

Chinese always believe that : If you have fair skin , then you obtained 70% of beauty overall
華人有句話說: 一白遮三丑 ~

I'm a girl into those beauty supplement such as collagen drink, whitening pills or sheep placenta supplement. I'll never let any chances go as long as the supplement can make my skin glow. I used to take collagen drink which contained 10,000mg per bottle and consume Vitamin C and E daily in order to maintain healthy skin. I know that I'm not a girl who drink a lot of water or eat healthy frequently, therefore I wish to have healthyand fair skin with the help of supplements, as I truly believe that "Prevention is always better than Cure ".

People who has dark spots or scars may consider whitening drip as it helps lightened up the spots and scars. Besides, the Vitamin C inside the drip helps to boost up our antibiotic and let us stay away from illness. The Glutathione inside the drip also helps on the prevention of cancer as it is one of the master of antioxidant along with Vitamin E.

What is Whitening Drip ?   Vitamin C + Glutathione
Our skin whitening protocol aid in blocking the production of melasma, resulting in fairer and more blemish free skin. It contains vitamin C and high strength glutathione to give you the antioxidant boost much needed in today’s busy lifestyle. This powerful team of antioxidants will improve your defense against the ravaging of free radicals which accelerates aging, this product is excellent for people who need an extra boost of antioxidants, especially for people who smoke and lead a relatively stressful lifestyle.

Vitamin C -Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, is the cornerstone of any antioxidant program. It is an extraordinary molecule that performs hundreds of essential functions. Vitamin C helps cement the body together by forming a fibrous connective tissue called collagen. An excellent ingredient key to maintaining a youthful, radiant complexion.


Along with vitamin C, Glutathione is one of the master antioxidant along with Vitamin E. CoQ10 and lipoic acid. Glutathione has a crucial role in the body’s immune defenses. A loss of glutathione leads to increased susceptibility to free radicals. Glutathione protects us from the effect from a variety of toxic substances.In human beings, Glutathione is mostly found in the liver, spleen, kidneys and pancreas, where it performs essential biological functions. It protects against damage to proteins in the brain and for that reason it is often classed as the ‘smart nutrient’. It also protects the stomach lining against environmental toxins.

Research has also shown that the following primary function of this powerful Antioxidant.

  • Involved in the synthesis and repair of DNA
  • Helps recycle Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Blocks damages of free radicals
  • Enhance the antioxidant activity of Vitamin C
  • Facilitates the transport of amino acids
  • Plays a critical role in the detoxification of harmful compound
  • Immunity Booster
  • Energise your body and liver cleanser

Research has also shown that Glutathione when combine with other antioxidant such as Vitamin C, forms a powerful Melasma blocking factor in the skin.

Whitening Drip Review in Malaysia:
My skin turns a few tone darker since a year of non- stop travelling to beaches and island hopping without sunscreen on. I do hesitate on whitening drip in Malaysia at first because I saw a lot of people selling those drips online illegally. 

DO NOT buy the drip online and let the normal panel doctor inject them into your body, this is totally dangerous as there's a lot of so-called whitening injection/drips from Switzerland or Japan, which is not genuine. Can you imagine something weird injected to your body and harm your health?

The safest way is to go to a doctor who owned a licence on this, and I found Bella Clinic.

I found that my skin is more radiant and have lesser breakout after the drip. I also feel energetic after the drip. Skin is obviously smoother but I would say a few drips needed to see a better result. I feel like I have a boost up of vitamins into my body without consuming them but they immediately went into my blood haha.

Be the best version of you. 

I'm happy with my result so far and I'm gonna recommend this to you girls. If you not sure about it, get a FREE consultation today and decide it later.

Bella Clinic
address: Klang Lama, 58000 KL
open Monday to Saturday 10am - 7pm

Whatsapp or Call : +60122452228


nadzirah juhari said...

How much the price for drip vit c?

Allysha Hazrin said...


whitening drip? You lead your way to death

manho valentine said...

i like this page
Thank you for sharing the story behind your inspiration for Enforcer's
Pride. That must have been a rewarding, yet difficult job you had.

Ej Hylena said...

How much the price?

Ej Hylena said...

How much the price?

janna said...

Hi Chacha! i always read your blogs and they're very informative.Thank you for all these post about whitening jab. Im interested to have one in Bella @JB, may i know if you are aware of their prices?

Elaine said...


Please contact Elaine @8419 3157 for queries regarding glutathione, vitamin c and tranexamic acid treatments for skin whitening. Thank you.

alynnda tahir said...

hi can i get the details of bella clinic in JB?


Hi, could you please provide the full address of Bella Clinic in Klang Lama?
I found another Bella Clinic which was located in Sri Petaling.
Are they the same?

Unknown said...

I think the price around RM1,500.00 ++ PER DRIP?